Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Well today God blessed us with a beautiful snow storm. So my awesome boss said to stay home. I am loving being bored. I finneshed reeading my book. It was Unlocked by Karen Kingsburry. Awesome as always. She is so very talented. The book is about a high school kid with autism. If you know someone with children with Autism this would be a great gift to them. I am going to send mine to my mother-in-law and when she is done is going to send it to her friend whose grandson has Autism. Father please help Landon and Alex. They are sweet boys that need your help. And please help their mommas and daddys. Help us to know how we can minister to kids just like Holden Harris. Amen.

I talked to Dad this morning. He seemed to be ok. Said that he was feeling a little sore from laying in the bed to long. Said that he was sleepy. The nurse confirmed out fear that the cancer is in his brain. The hospice nurse called and said that daddys blood flow was too high to stop the Lovanox. Which is the blood thinner so I am not sure what that means. They are going to re-draw his blood on Thursday. Hope that things look better.

Last night we went to Monday Night Prayer. It was amazing. I was just in awe, as the God of the universe reminded me of who he was. Reminding me of all the proofs of his love. Mostly of the sactrifice that he gave in Jesus.

Tonight we went over to the warrens for dinner. Lisa made some good soup. Then everyone had snow ice cream. I wanted some but refrained. So I will count that as a victory.

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